Link Love

at the wheel

Another round up of links that I’m loving right now, taking us into the weekend…

:: Laura from Circle of Pine Trees is inviting people to join her “natural midwinter” photofest over on instagram. A chance to slow down and savour the simple beauties of this season. Sounds right up my street.

“{Midwinter stillness} – the simple beauty of lighting up the darkness, and of bringing the outside in. @littlegreenshed and I are searching for stillness amongst the excitement of this Midwinter season. Will you join us in #anaturalmidwinter?”

:: Free vintage flower images is making me happier than it really ought. Reminding me I really should try and get out more.

:: I do love the study of language, and always have. When I was at uni the department of Linguists and Phonetics was next to ours and I often wished I’d changed courses. Ah well. At least we have articles like this to keep me amused: Why English is So Weirdly Different From Other Languages.

:: And if you would like to know what English sounded like before it was actually English, or how Shakespeare would have sounded before the plum actors morphed it into Queen’s best, then this article if for you: What the English of Shakespeare, Beowulf, and King Arthur actually sounded like.

:: Going with my
inner nerd streak, I found this article informative. I’ve always known about the hidden rivers of London, and there is an entire history behind them, along with various folklore, but this is a simple enough take.

:: If you haven’t
yet discovered CreativeBug then why not take a look around to get some crafty inspiration. I’ve found a couple of online lessons I am keen to take this season. Long evenings a bored woman make, so this should help to keep my off the ledge for a couple weeks at least.

And finally….

:: I’m rediscovering Kevin Hart – not suitable for young audiences – there is swearing and strong language – but oh my, so funny.



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