Times Two


One of the ideas I had for the boys’ room redo was these quilt tops. They aren’t actual quilts but simply quilty blankets to cover over the beds and bring a consistency to the room. They are string quilts made up with all the colours that make up the room itself and they became a bit of an obsession.

I never know how or why these sudden obsessions strike, but when they do they hit hard and I become twitchy until they’re done. All that to say is I took two evenings cutting out the pieces, and then two 12 hour days (only stopping to give the boys food) sewing all the pieces together (almost 700) and then constructing the blocks until I had two finished quilt tops (as well as neck ache, back ache and the inability to walk properly. Yes I’m nuts I thought you knew that?).

I used Heather Bailey’s Fresh Cut Quilt for string sizes (totally ignoring the rest of her tutorial), then used this paper piece method to construct, and then it was rather a simple, but monotonous, job after that.










And as with everything I make, they are not perfect. But they are pretty, and the boys really do love them. The fact that it’s scratched an itch and matches the room is a bonus.


5 thoughts on “Times Two

  1. They look OK from a distance, and I’m never that uptight about perfection in the things I make. Yeah, when I get some crazy idea in my head the house goes upside down till I’ve bust it out


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