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Ramadan is almost upon us. It hardly seems a year since the last one, but the clock doesn’t lie. Whether we like it or not, it’s here.

Usually I don’t talk about religion (or politics) here. I don’t really feel the need to – my beliefs are my beliefs and this space is a meditation of sorts; a memory keep box for later years. I don’t need to bang on about these things because I’m *living* them. And I have been accused of being “anti-christian”, and other labels, when I talk about my own path. Writing about religion and politics is fraught.

But. This year I want to try something different. I’ve written before about what Ramandan means to me, but this time I’d like to offer a Ramadan series of sorts. I always mean to get organised before Ramadan starts and I never do, so I’m hoping this will help get my brain in the zone, so to speak.

So, first up :: An “advent” calendar!


ramadan crafting

ramadan crafting


I made our calendar a few years back, and the idea was to make little pockets to fill with dates, or treats, which could then be folded over at the corner after each day. This was a total rip-off of Manda’s idea here, although hers is more elegant whilst mine is just a monster. I wanted it to be a collaborative effort between me and the kids, so they got in on the stamping and writing action.

We actually don’t fill the pockets now the boys are older, but seeing the those little corners turned over one by one is truly satisfying, and they like to see how long before it is Eid!

It’s not a precise make, but here’s how we did it:

{You Will Need}

Calico fabric
Alphabet ink stamps
Number ink stamps or fabric pens
Ink pads
Bamboo pole

{To Make}

1. Using the stamps and/or fabric pens, stamp out the words “IFTAR CALENDAR” or “RAMADAN CALENDAR” and the numbers 1 – 30 on the calico fabric. Once dry you can heat set with an iron.

2. Cut out these numbers and word. For the title sew onto a piece of coloured fabric. For the numbers sew one on each pocket front fabric.

3. Place pocket front and back fabric RS together and sew three edge leaving the top edge unsewn. Turn right way out. Turn the top of the pocket in to form a hem, and using cord or rickrack pin a loop into place at the right side of the pocket opening. Sew the closure shut, sewing the cord into place. This is now a buttonhole.

4. Determine where you would like the corner to open to and sew a button into place on the pocket. Do this for the rest of the numbers until you have thirty formed pockets. Trim stray thread

5. Line your pockets up, six rows by five and determine the size you will need for your backing fabric. Pin into place and sew from halfway down the right hand side, the bottom and all the way up the left side so that the pocket is secure but you will still be able to turn down the corner. Repeat for all pockets.


6. If you want a border fabric to contrast sew the top and bottom pieces first, then add the sides.


7. Add the backing fabric, upholstery weight or canvas would be good. Pin into place and sew, in the ditch, around the border. Add bias.

8. On the back of your calendar add corner pockets and bias ties, cut a piece of wood or bamboo to fit and secure the ties to prevent sagging. If you feel your calendar would benefit from a pole at the bottom then repeat.

ramadan crafting

ramadan crafting


ramadan crafting

ramadan crafting

You make this to your own sizing preferences by deciding in advance the size of your pockets. Contrasting colours work well so use your imagination. Do get your children involved.

Finally, let me know how it works out by leaving a comment!


3 thoughts on “Ramadan :: Advent Calendar

  1. As salamu alaikum!
    Lovely to see other mums being creative too!
    Just stumbled across your site and I also have never heard of your mag so inshallah will look through that!


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