:: I’ve been brave and tried the KIP Fair Isle sweater on the midget. It just about fits. Should I knit this up now and hope it fits next winter, or wait until next winter and make adjustments? The price of yarn. The price of YARN, people.

:: My desk it small and cluttered. Throw things out or throw a temper tantrum until someone buys me a house big enough for non-Hobbits? Yeah tantrum it is.

:: Do I have to cook and clean? Every day? Can’t I just paint and make art all day long? Real life – what’s that all about?

:: I should be starting some seeds off for the allotment. Initial excitement has waned somewhat now that the back-breaking work is needed. Who needs food anyway.

:: How can it be almost April already? And why do I always think the same thing at the same time each year. The year has only just begun and already we’re nearly halfway through. Slow down already.

Just some random thoughts and images.

Carry on.


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