TEND magazine :: Issue 2 SUMMER













We’re into the last ten days of TEND magazine issue 1 now. That means issue 2 – Summer 2014 – is putting her lippy on and checking her hair and getting ready for her debut on the 1st June.

Summer: I keep saying it, but it’s a good one! The focus this issue will be on business – does it have to cost the earth – as well as having great wholefood recipes and crafts, an education section, preschool AND a sewing pattern. All for the price of a cup of coffee!

We’re also trying out some new prints for the art shop – the hope is we will add new things each issue – Society6 will be updated to include gallery-quality prints in due course, and the photographic prints will now come in two sizes – 6 x 4 ” and 7 x 5″. Plus, to top it off, we’re offering a FREE print of TEND’s objectives in a lovely tealy-aqua-y blue 7x 5 ” for every photographic print order (1 per order). I mentioned that will be free? Free. Gratis. Put your money away, madam. Yes, Mrs – I’m talking to you.

Finally, a heads up: each issue, once subsequent issues are released will increase in price. Currently issue 1 is £4.75 – this will rise to £5.75 on the 1st June, so if you haven’t already got one then do hurry. Also, as a thank you to subscribers to the free newsletter a discount code for issue 2 will be emailed out sometime next week. If you would like the code then just pop on over to the website and sign up to the newsletter!


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