not orla kiely that's for damn sure

They removed Orla from the kitchen. I asked them not to, but they did anyway. Now, instead of fabulous walls I have bland magnolia walls. MAGNOLIA. Do I look like a magnolia type of person to you?

The shame.


8 thoughts on “Orla-less

  1. oh no!!!! Not Magnolia!!!!! The girls’ boarding school I used to work at was all painted in Magnolia. Every year when a dorm or common room or bathroom would need refreshing, we’d ask the painter “Could we have something lovely and bright and cheering?” and we’d supply paint chips and ideas. Then we’d return from holidays and what would have – MAGNOLIA!!!!!!! And it has that slightly queasy hint of green, doesn’t it. I swear the foreman (who was always responsible for this) has probably requested his coffin be painted in Magnolia!


  2. I feel for you! in Ireland every single house is painted Magnolia… or so it seems! It’s horrendous!! I keep hoping that one day soon I’ll find the perfect house to move into without a trace of it. How difficult would it be to use white instead? so much nicer.


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