{Looking Back}

May 2008

my so called life

my so called life

my so called life

my so called life

Again, marveling at how small they were. Looking back to remind myself of so many things; adventuring with my babes in the sun, squeezing their little bodies in bear hugs that swept them off their feet, how happiness could be found in a net and a lakeside, how handmade clothes were easier (and cheaper!) to make (and how I should make more effort to make them some more). Milk teeth grins, mispronounced words left uncorrected because it was just too cute, the enormity of the privilege to be allowed to be the one they call ‘mama’; podgy arms and legs, boundless energy and enthusiasm, sucking thumbs.

Good grief I do miss these times. Even though at the time I was utterly convinced I never could.

Hugs now are boney, sucking thumbs are a long forgotten habit, I can no longer lift my babes off their feet or indeed have them on my lap. I should get the last of those sweet chubby cheek kisses before they grow boney. And hairy.

Enjoy the madness of your family this weekend, and if you have little people under four feet tall, sweep them off their feet, carry them on your back, sit them on your lap and eat them up. For all their littleness, just melt into it and inhale.


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