my so called life

my so called life blog

We’re back. Back to utter chaos and smell and hassle and a mess SO big, SO wide and SO tall that there is no way to clean it, there is no way at ALL. (Yes, I’ve just broken out into Seuss verse, because whenever I go look at the mountain – literally MOUNTAIN – of jobs left to tackle it’s the only thing that runs through my head. Other than ‘I wish I was someone else’.)

Keeping me sane (and I use that term relatively) is a little pile of goodies that awaited my return. Patrick Grant (I wish) and some sewing projects and a wee pile of fabric from Celtic Fusion Fabrics – that foxy fabric just kept calling… “Les Amis” by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller… until I could stand it no longer. And there it sits waiting for me to “pick up all the things that are down” when I can squirrel maybe an hour just for ME to sit and make something.

I have no idea when that will be. *Flips down visor* smoke me a kipper….


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