Cool Runnings

my so called life blog

my so called life blog

my so called life blog

my so called life blog

my so called life blog

my so called life blog

my so called life blog

Perhaps since moving south I’ve turned into a southern softy, a big girl’s blouse and a namby pamby southerner. Whatever. I don’t ever remember being this cold before. Good grief, how do you people function under such conditions?!

The sun came out the other day. We took a walk on the beach. One solitary cloud scuttled overhead and hurled hailstones at us whilst the rest of the countryside basked in sun. If I had been down in the dumps it would have been enough of a metaphor to push me over the edge. Instead, with a freezing cold head, we continued our walk and idly scoured the beach to see what the sea had offered us this tide.

Seaweed, shells, all those pebbles and glass, and a tractor tyre (guess which one they wanted to bring home?). With Scotland over the water and the Cumbrian Fells on the other side of us we found treasure after treasure, stuffed our pockets and made for home.

There is nothing as tiring a sea air to wear us all out and we all melted back into those beds that night with another day behind us filled with adventure. And when the weather warms up perhaps we’ll be here again, enjoying these beaches and the creatures we find here with a little more grace and few less runny noses.


2 thoughts on “Cool Runnings

  1. It looks so beautiful!I don’t do cold. Even though quite a lot of my family are from very far North (Arctic circle north) I just don’t deal very well with it at all. I live in hope of finding sea glass when we visit the beach (a piece big enough to make into some sort of necklace).


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