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Everyday Beauty :: 12

Getting to work on this linen/cotton blend from @ray_stitch before the rain and gloom returns. Will blog at some point hopefully

Clothes have to be two things for me to wear them – they have to be reasonably baggy, and with enough about them that I don’t melt into the earth with their blandness. You might call baggy clothes ‘maternity wear’, but, Islamically, it is ‘modesty’.

Flicking through one of the many (oy!) Japanese clothes books that sit mocking me on my shelf, I suddenly saw something that was simple yet had ‘something’ to bring it just back from the edge of blandness – gingham. I know – you either love it or hate it, but I’ve never had anything with 1 inch squares before – with the arms cut on the bias, and it was that tiny detail that tickled me.

So with my go-to pattern for all things tunic (it is this vintage Simplicity 8463 pattern, shortened) I ran a couple of gingham tunics up – one in 1 inch square and the other in 1/4inch square with a linen/cotton pocket detail in navy blue.

They go with my jeans and other trousers, are super comfy and baggy enough to leave the house in. That’s all I ask for in life.

I have no idea why I’m doing this:

my so called life

I thought perhaps the midget would take a close-up of the bias-cut on the arm. Instead I look like a cabaret star waiting for the chorus girls. But you get the point.

New togs for spring.


11 thoughts on “New Togs

  1. I wear tunics too, have made one, and have more to make – inspired by some Japanese pattern books too!! 😉 Thank for this idea, I do love the bias sleeves & pockets. To be poached methinks – cheers!


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