Inching Our Way Back to Spring

my so called life

my so called life

my so called life

my so called life

my so called life

Sights like these are things I live for – signs of winter being kicked back over to the other side of the world. Finally.

The other day whilst out taxiing children to class I looked up and actually saw a tree with the beginnings of cherry blossom .. cherry blossom!! … and my heart actually skipped a beat. Spring?! Already? Oh, yes please! I felt like running through the streets like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music declaring to people that spring, at last- it is almost here! Doe a deer! A FEMALE deer! (I didn’t, of course, because in our hood running through streets only happens when followed by crazed gangs or police, and English isn’t even a third language here. And crazy, white English speaking people singing ‘Doe a Deer’ is more like to end up with hospitalisation rather than accompanying a Capella vocalisations that I had envisaged in my head – and what little English does get spoken here belongs more on a NWA album than Julie Andrews… jus’ sayin’).

I could hardly believe that by keeping my head down and ploughing on through life and work that I had managed to forge through a whole season and come out the other side. It certainly put a spring in my step – no pun intended – and I could feel a heavy load lifting. Garden, allotment, flowers, fresh air, washing on washing lines (me so rock n roll) – all of these things and more are so tantalisingly close. Finally.

Inching our way back to spring.


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