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A rogue’s gallery if ever I saw one! Actually, a gallery of generous people, without doubt. These fine people are the very first of a long line of editors and contributors who gave up their free time and energy to help put together this first magazine – people who, when I could offer nothing in return except a cheeky grin and some fluttering eyelashes as recompense believed in this project and said YES! we CAN do that!

The amount of belief in this project, the generosity in spirit and in deed has been nothing short of inspiring. Pop on over to the Contributors page of the website to find out a little more about them.

Today some more images of a few things inside the pages of issue 1. Knitting! Sewing! FOOD! Preschool! School age! Family time! Health! Parenting! A GIVEAWAY! More stuff than you can shake a stick at! Exclamation marks!!

And introducing a blog hop for the next few days – each day you can visit these websites for a review and the chance to win a free copy. Starting on Monday Heather will be kicking things off and featuring TEND. So go on, toddle over there and say hello!

3rd March: Heather at Beauty That Moves

4th March: Miri at Here We Are Together

5th March: Denise at Wholly Rooted

6th March: Merry at Patch of Puddles

7th March: Rachelle at Tales of Ted & Agnes

10th March:
Tif at Dottie Angel

11th March: Heather at Shivaya Naturals

Out now, and for a short while you can use the discount code SOCALLED20 for 20% off – click here to buy it.

Thank you!

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image250

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image249

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image244

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image228

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image172

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image160

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image159

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image153

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image152

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image150

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image148

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image105

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image101

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image89

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image86

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image80

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image121

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image162

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image208

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image212

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image224

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image235


6 thoughts on “TEND :: Issue 1 Blog Hop

  1. I just commented on your facebook page. Pretty excited about your magazine. I found it through Ted and Agnus blog. Ive just released a magazine too, I felt quite nervous. Well done on making what looks pretty great. Cant wait to buy it. xx Taz


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