The Solstice Slump



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A little birdie

It’s that time of year again. No matter what I do, my energy levels have bottomed out, my mood has nose-dived and I’m on the verge of losing my sanity over insignificant details. There is a hole in my outside room roof put there on purpose by an idiot; I have rats in my garden; the shoe rack has collapsed; the coats are now just thrown on the floor; my persian rugs are DAMP goddamn it; my house is still small – insanely small; I am treading water daily and slowly submerging, tired by trying to continually pedal.

I’m done. This year has worn me out. I’m calling a moratorium on all things. I’m downing tools. We’re are on homeschooling holidays. I’m not ferrying anyone to any class. I have got some secret project things to work on, a hot water bottle cover to knit, and a quilt to finish hand-quilting. And a family to visit.

I am signing off till after New Year here. I’m out of juice so I’m hibernating until the mojo is a go-go again. Feel free to join the Facebook page and instagram feed where I will probably be around to chat. But until then, have a great christmas, solstice, new year, and I’ll meet you back here sometime soon.

Take care, friends.


7 thoughts on “The Solstice Slump

  1. Time to fill the pitcher, as the pitcher is dry. Lay your head in green pastures, dear Debbie. Hope and energy will spring again. Been awhile since I’ve visited the bloggasphere…hoping all is and will be well.xoxoxod


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