Good mail

The makin' is well underway here
As you know as Muslims we do not celebrate christmas (or new year), and regardless of the people who’ve called me scrooge over the years for denying my children this window into mindless consumerism, we do just fine without it. It’s a nice quiet day here. No traffic outside on the major ‘A’ road for us.

But my family do celebrate and so a little bit of elving has been going on behind the scenes here; it will be a handmade christmas this year. Snippets of fabric, an excuse to buy yarn, little bits of purposeful making. It’s all quite lovely. Even with the evils of interfacing trying to gate crash and spoil the proceedings.

Will show more once gift giving is over, but until then, snippets of colour to fill these gloomy days.


2 thoughts on “Elving

  1. You still getting moaned at for not celebrating Christmas or New Year? *sigh* Still, lovely to have those little bits of colour in life – that fox fabric is wonderful and I love what you’ve been making for the bunny!


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