Calling it Winter










Don’t. Do NOT tell me it’s not winter. Do NOT tell me that it’s still autumn! Look outside – what do you see? That’s right, a big ice cold popsicle of awful for you to chew on. Whatever it is technically, I’m calling it – winter is on, and so too is the game of how to survive it.

Number one? Twinkly lights. Who could not find joy in a twinkly light or twenty? A black hearted psychopath, that’s who. Last year I didn’t put any up and it’s safe to say it impacted my mood. So. Come hell or high water when I call winter? It’s twinkly light time.

I shall refrain myself from full-on wreathe putting-up and candles everywhere phase until there is a December in the date, but by God, come the 1st – it’s grotto time.

No, we do not celebrate xmas or solstice; I am just finding ways to add beauty in this, the season that tests me the most.


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