It’s a yarn thing

Yarn yarn yarn

Afternoon tea and knitting. Ahhh

Oh yarn, you make it all better





Yarn: it seems to be the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I fall asleep – the first thing I reach for over morning tea, and the last thing I put down before turning in.

Some people comfort eat? I comfort knit.

Does it matter that I’ve got several garter knit projects on the go? In the same colour? In various weights of yarn? Not really. Does it matter that I’ve got about five (or six. Or seven. Oh my.) projects on the go all at once? Nope. Does it matter that some of those projects have been on the needles for over a year? Hmmm no. Not really.

Because yarn? It keeps me sane, soothes my shattered nerves and lulls my brain from red alert!! to soft amber. When those needles are in my hands my babes know they are at liberty to talk to me till my ears bleed, that they can admit to past wrongs, ask for future favours and generally sit in my presence safe in the knowledge that no nagging, yelling, whining or snapping will be forthcoming, because those needles? They might as well have diazepam in them.

An oasis of calm in the middle of hectic days.


4 thoughts on “It’s a yarn thing

  1. Yes I giggled at the diazepam too – it’s true! They do! I’ve been going to bed ridiculously late this week – all because of the knitting. It’s just such bliss to slouch there on the sofa, the little lamp Julian bought for me, glowing down over my shoulder and knitting round and round and round and round. Enjoy your diazepam Debbie!


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