The Thing With Wool….

So. I love the FLS sweater I knit a while back. It kept me company and lovely and snug all last winter. It came to London with us on holiday. I cannot say enough nice things about this yarn, this yummy yarn that is JUST the right colour, and JUST the right bounce and is JUST so nice to knit with. I love it so.

But what can I say? I should not left loose with a nice knit in real yarn and a washing machine? Yep. That, and possibly what was I thinking??

Because that’s the thing with wool – it needs gentle handling. It needs love, cosseting, gentle soap and a sink to waft it around in… gently (I mentioned the gently part?), because wool, if handled incorrectly has a tendency to… oh, I don’t know… felt?






Yeah. Felt. SHRINK and felt.

So next time I think I’ll just quickly place a lovingly hand knit into the washer to give it a bit of a freshen up, that perhaps I should a) not do that b) not place spin on 1000rpm and c) get a lobotomy.

The upside is the midget has a new sweater. The downside is I’m an idiot and need to knit another sweater.


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