There’s nothing quite so honest as nature to keep you in your place. We kid ourselves we still have time, that life is long and tomorrow will do – but then, there’s a red leaf or two on the horizon, a shadow that was longer than yesterday, fruit that is ripe on the branch.

Time does not play favourites. Whilst men play games and hide from truth, time makes a straight line for the horizon and no thing can delay its march.

So, here we are again. Summer is really over. Winter is really ahead of us, and this time of waiting between the two extremes we call autumn and we try to squeeze the last drop of summer from each sunbeam and celebrate the promise of spring with each bulb planted. Each day that brings a blue sky is seen as a blessing, not a right, and we delight in every leaf that is now a flower.

And as much as I dread winter, even I can’t deny the beauty of this season, this month in particular.

The horizon has been touched by a torch unperceived by men and now we see every tree smoulder from inception, to full blaze, to blackened branch.

It’s an amazing show.


2 thoughts on “October

  1. Oh, beautiful! I think this might be my favorite season, just because of all this vibrant colours. Don’t think too much about winter. It will come, but will go again as well.. :)The colours in your pictures are exactly the colours of the Fair Isle hat I’m knitting my little boy. We will have autumn colours all winter long, as a little reminder that there once actually was colour in Berlin.. Gray is all that remains in this city.. No, don’t wanna think about that yet.. Red it is!


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