New Work

Finally cool enough ( not cool, just enough) to get some shots





Pretty work
So I do keep teasing you with references to a ‘secret project’ and a ‘new kind of work’ and giving you ‘sneaky peeks’, but I’m not trying to drive you mad or whip up a frenzy, honestly. It’s just, well, even though we’re getting nearer to me being able to talk about it, we’re still a long way off.

It’s taking up more of my time, though. It’s finding it’s way into all aspects of my life. I’m spending longer on it than ever and maybe I’m ready to even call it ‘work’. Yes, I think it’s actually work. I don’t know why I keep apologising about it.

Be patient as I spend longer on it if I miss a day here or there at this space? As soon as I’m ready to let you know I am sure you will understand why my time has been taken up.


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