It's a long one



Ramadan tomorrow. The calendar is out...

Class taxi service

Not the way I would have liked to have spent my day...

I turn hospital trips into a photo shoot


If you've got a sick little boy and he wants to play board games, you play

Digging our new creative writing station. Midget telling everyone his new story. #homeschool #creativity

Creative writing before bedtime

Bellies are full. All is well. And tomorrow we do it all again

Stop! Dhikr time...

So. It’s super hot, the car is all but dead and stuck together with gaffer tape. No beach trips in sight, but that’s OK because we’re fasting anyway and that doesn’t sound like my ideal day out to me. Hoping a car will materialise, and the sun will stay after Ramadan for us to hit the beach this summer *please*.

I haven’t picked the DSLR up for a good while. Again. Partly because we haven’t really done a great deal and partly because all my attention is on this new work. (Sorry it sounds like I’m teasing you, but I’m really not).

Some snapshots then of daily life recently. The highs, lows and the bits in between.

Stay cool.


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