Trying My Hand







This new ‘work’ I keep teasing you about is requiring a whole load of new skills. I recently tried to get to grips with my camera, and I’m way off the mark with it – bumbling along as I do on this blog – the few books I acquired lay flicked through and discarded as I glaze over when words like ‘aperture’ and ‘ISO’ start being banded around. I am a terrible student, really.

For years my way of learning involved skim-reading and bullshit and I’m amazed at how far that takes you in this culture. But. It only takes you so far – to the very boundary where actual talent is required, and then my wings melt and burn.

I had a lesson in that this week. Those people who take amazing photographs and you think ‘I could do that’? Well, it turns out you can’t. Not unless you put the hours in. And practice and try and fail and try again. And maybe start concentrating when people talk about ‘aperture’.

I’m trying my hand at something familiar, but new. I’m having to tame that lazy student in me.


4 thoughts on “Trying My Hand

  1. your learning style and mine seem to be similar!!! goodness… i love to skim and hope that i will absorb things… yes, photography. with my new camera, i am trying really hard to learn these words. but, i find practice practice practice to be the best learning tool of all!


  2. There is a book called Mastery. Have you read it? The author became a black belt after the age of 40. He discusses the path to mastery in any subject. He gives insights into the process of mastery and puts types into categories. I guess I am the classic “dabbler” of hobbies:) so sad, I also wish I could feel I have mastery on some subject but regretfully not! I can’t wait to see your progress, I love these pics!!


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