These Days of Summer








Iced coffee in a quiet house. Yes ma'am


Running some sugar off


Is it too early for a mocktail?
We don’t stray far from the doors these days. We can’t. But that’s not to say we don’t enjoy these days of summer when we can.

Sometimes life is easy and sometimes there are tests. But life, as the saying goes, is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. We’ve learned to find the joy wherever it is, grab hold and suck its marrow out, regardless of circumstance. You get knocked down, you get up again and you hold on tighter than before. And the next time you’re knocked you take longer to fall. And you still get up, because that’s all we have. And you look for a reason to be happy, you find something to be grateful for, and sometimes regardless of the situation, it can something as simple as a cold drink in a pretty cup feeling a wisp of cool air kiss your cheek before the onslaught begins again.

And you take it. Because that’s all we have. And it’s more than enough.


11 thoughts on “These Days of Summer

  1. generally when i find myself in a funk, i start making the gratitude lists… adding here and there to what i know are blessings i’ve begun to overlook. it tends to change my attitude and my disposition… iced coffee in a lovely glass is definitely something to be grateful for!


  2. Spoken like a strong woman with the ability to rise above tribulation. Glad you are back. I haven’t commented much as I have been in the whirlwind of life. But I find solace in your wonderful, peaceful entries.Love ya kiddo!xod


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