Crafting for the Allotment


I have plans for that space of ours. Not grand plans in the scheme of things, but still grand enough given the size of us compared to the size (and evilness of the soil) of the land.

Some raised beds? Possibly. Wood chip? Probably. A firepit, some chairs and a place to relax? I would like to think so. Maybe even go all out crazy and take the wheel? That would be nice.

Grand plans indeed. And maybe in a far-distant future, who knows. But I do know that a persistent step after step will eventually get us there in the end. If we just keep going insha’allah.

And with any journey, it begins with a single step. The first crafty step on our way there was this impromptu sign making morning – a chunk of wood, primer, wall paint (hello craft-room blue – again), some acrylic and varnish – and hey presto! A little welcome sign to our little bit of land.



It’s a start.


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