Good Golly, Miss Maggie









Just about to cast on for a miss maggie sweater. Relaxing...


Miss Maggie got herself a few more items for her wardrobe at the weekend. Deary me, this doll thing is relaxing. And addictive. And slightly worrying. She probably has more clothes and is better dressed than me OR my children right now. A new shirt, two new pants, a finished knitted coat (with ear holes – hello), a new made up sweater on the sticks, a lined cape and a little headband. Not to mention the dress she came to live with us in.

I’m not done. A peasant shirt and a skirt pattern are being drawn up and she needs, like a suitcase, a tote, a bed and quilt and *mad twitch* a place to live. Right? Right??

Oh the possibilities. If you haven’t got yourself a Miss Maggie pattern I defy you to make one up and not make an entire wardrobe in two weeks flat.

She needs a picnic blanket. *Hyperventilates* she needs a summer wardrobe …. OK I’m going to my work space… I may be some time…







7 thoughts on “Good Golly, Miss Maggie

  1. Eep, is this what’s going to happen to me? :DI’m finishing up a knitted bear for my eldest and then Maggie is next on my list. Tell me, does the twitch come with a crazed look in your eye? 😉


  2. I’ve found the crazed look begins with a mere thought of crafting, but becomes more pronounced as the hours roll by. Twitches are an extreme symptom brought on by too much caffeine whilst in the middle of sewing…. *twitch*…


  3. I love your Miss Maggie. I have dolls too and they all need some new clothes for summer. It is fun to sew for them because they love anything you make for them and they never outgrow their wardrobe. Enjoy your stitching. You have got me thinking I should start some little dresses this week.


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