Yarn Giveaway :: Winner!

I seem to have gone silent for a while. I’ve been reading your comments and enjoyed hearing from you all. The weekend was a bit of an emotional wash-out for me so this post is a bit late. Sorry.

But take heart – I’m planning another little giveaway already – something hand made and I’m toying with the idea of perhaps even a Miss Maggie bunny at some point – does that sound good? We’ll see, then. Follow through is something I keep working on – give me a nudge if I forget.

So. Drum roll please. *A drum goes rolling down the street into on-coming traffic* Close enough.


Miss Maggie was very interested in all these goings-on and helped me wrap up the names (some of you had loads for me to re-write out, thankyou!) and swirl them around in the basket and then… the moment of truth… a name was brought forth and it was::



i love your yarn! mashallah
I would take the green yarn and make something for myself! not sure right now exactly what i would knit but would have to search online for ideas…
btw you have totally inspired me to learn to spin yarn (i have booked a course already!)”


Yay! Congratulations Fouzia! Email me at qalballahATgmail and let me know your address and whether you still want the green yarn, and hopefully it will be winging its way to you soooooon insha’allah.


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