The Evolution of Miss Maggie










Way back at the start of my blogging adventures I got into crafting by accident. It was when we were following Waldorfy things in our homeschooling life when the children were small enough to benefit from that gentle rhythm (and I know some people carry on this methodology all through school life, but it hasn’t been right for us since the eldest turned about seven years old), and the need for hand crafts was very much part of the order of things.

It was in trying to make a Waldorf doll for my two that the whole process of crafting and making really took over my mama brain. Seeing the correlation between my efforts in making things and my family’s life benefiting it wasn’t long before all manner of things started pouring out of my work niche – sweaters, quilts, mittens, hats, clothes…. but the doll making was the first thing that breathed crafty life into my heart – I loved it, and still do.

I was reminded of this as I read through Alicia’s blog and kept seeing her Maggie Rabbit popping up here and there – I had a memory of what started this all off, and the pleasure I got in making little tiny things for a little tiny doll. It’s been years and years since I’ve made a doll, and when I saw the pattern for sale for mere pennies I couldn’t help myself. Before I knew it the pattern and a couple of clothe patterns were in my inbox and I was happily umming and ahhing in front of my fabric shelves.

I have been slowly making this pattern up in moments of quiet; I savour the process, I don’t want to rush it, because I enjoy it so much. I have plans for a few little extra pieces for her. The jacket it almost done, and I’m sure she would like a bag to go with it, no? And I do not intend on sharing my little Maggie – these boys of mine use delicate dolls as bludgeons – she’s mine, all mine.

I do love this craft.

{The felt is from our local market and the Lawn cotton of Miss Maggie’s dress and ears is Alexander Henry}


7 thoughts on “The Evolution of Miss Maggie

  1. Your Maggie rabbit is beautiful! I just bought the pattern last week before my printer blew up 😦 I have the felt and everything!That’s how to torture a crafting mama 😉


  2. Thankyou, Miss Maggie is all a flutter with this admiration. Will have to put her in a box to stop her head growing.Oh that is really too bad – get a printer quickly and put your feet up for a lovely enjoyable make.I’m going to enjoy altering her little patterns to make some clothes for her. A hand pieced quilt too? I think so… oh the plans I have for Miss Maggie…


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