A Little Giveaway :: Yarn

So, I thought I’d offer a little giveaway here, just to say ‘thank you’ to people who come here every day and who pull up a chair, put on a brew and share our days with us. Just a little ‘something’.

Which happily coincides with an interview I gave over on Markers&Thread today. (Go and say ‘hi’ and check out some Islamic takes on DIY and crafts).

The offer is any hank of my homemade yarn in one of these colours:




There is amethyst, green, a marled yellow and mallard…


… or spring storm grey/blue, tealy duck egg, lake blue, or a marled grey and mallard.


All you have to do to enter is to tell me a)which colour you would like, b) which colour you would like to see in my shop in future, and c) what you intend to do with the hank (stash it or have a project in mind?).

Then leave a comment here to entered in the giveaway once.
Join my G+ followers and share this giveaway post then leave a comment here for a second entrance.
Join my twitter feed and share the giveaway there then leave a comment here for a fourth entrance.
Join my facebook page and share this post then leave a comment here for a fifth entrance.

So, five chances to have your name entered if this floats your boat (and thank you), and I’ll pick a winner next Monday.



15 thoughts on “A Little Giveaway :: Yarn

  1. Exciting! It’s hard to choose a favourite – I like them all. But I think the marled grey and mallard comes out tops for me. So I think I’d like to see that in your shop – closely followed by the teal 🙂 As for a project in mind – I think it would be something that I could crochet and wear for myself – a cowl or mittens perhaps.Thank you for the chance to enter this fantastic giveaway. I’m off to fulfill the other entries too!Petra 🙂


  2. that tealy duck egg is perfect for the hat i need to start knitting! closely followed by lake blue… thanks for the chance to win 🙂 it’s looks like beautiful wool.


  3. oh, i love that lake blue… i am a grey/blue/brown kind of girl. my go-to colors for sure. and i’d knit a hat, b/c hats are easy and fabulous, satisfying, and the first thing i learned how to know.


  4. salami love your yarn! mashallahI would take the green yarn and make something for myself! not sure right now exactly what i would knit but would have to search online for ideas…btw you have totally inspired me to learn to spin yarn (i have booked a course already!)


  5. They’re all beautiful, but it would have to be the tealy duck egg for me, and although I’d like to see them all in your shop that would be my first choice there too. As for what I’d knit with it, I have no idea … I can never really tell what a yarn wants to be until I’ve had a jolly good squish and sniff 🙂 But that colour … I could look at it all day 🙂


  6. I like the green (although I’m also partial to blues). I think incorporating it into a lovely shawl would be good (I want to make more shawls to use as drapey scarves 🙂 )


  7. Tealy duck egg, without a doubt. In terms of what I’d do with it.. hmm… I think it would have to be something primitive to show off the yarn, so possibly a very basic shawl with the yarn playing centre-stage. I have shared on Facebook, your yarns are beautiful!


  8. Hi There, They are all really lovely and I am enormously envious of your ability, definitely something I plan to learn in the future. My favourite colour , is the amethyst. For a darling little boy who has big googley eyes of a chocolate brown. He is two and my youngest. I love knitting for my boys but whether they will wear it I don’t ever know until it is done……Thank you for the giveaway.


  9. My favourite is the green, but it’s a close thing between that and the teal, duck egg blue, I’d like to see both in your shop. I’d make mittens with it, it looks lovely and snugly soft.I shared on Facebook too – but rather late in the game! (As Theresa Shingler)


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