And finally…



I think these are the last of the DIY paint blog posts. I think. I might get the urge to do some more, but for now, I’m all painted out.

This lamp base was green faux marble, thrifted with the intention of painting. At last it is done. All that remains is to buy a proper lampshade and add doilies (yes, why not?). Because this lamp is a bit of a granny chic lamp, I think. She needs doilies to finish her off and make her feel special. (Apologies again for Orla overload).

And this little beauty was calling for a spruce up… a drop spindle who has laid dormant and forgotten since the wheel has been put to use. But a lick of paint, some lipstick and eyeshadow and she’s all ready to bat her eyelashes at me and call me over to the dark side of spindling once again. Who could resist the allure of a spruced up spindle?






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