Ready to Grow












Part of our weekend was spent thinking a lot about about seeds and our allotment – our little slice of land. It’s ready – we’re ready – the seeds? Well, they’re nearly ready, but I think we’re readier than they are… we’ve also taken on a bigger plot this year. Keen? Yeah.

We made plans, sketched a map, looked at upping our potatoes and wondered if this year we could feed ourselves entirely on what we grow (I’m a realist, and think not, but the potential is that we could get quite a bit of food if things go our way). We have all this freshly dug land in front of us and it’s like a fresh page or canvas – all potential.

I’ve missed it. Really, really, really missed it.


6 thoughts on “Ready to Grow

  1. this is amazing…what a wonderful weekend. Might be random but do you any tips or blog posts on how to jar, save, freeze tomato sauce? I was looking around on your blog…do you make fresh every time? I use sauce for so many things and I always need it on hand. Amazing photos! Wish I was there! Thanks for sharing.


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