My Floor




The boys had a retro moment last week, and literally the entirety of my sitting floor was one whole farm yard. And I didn’t have the heart to clear it away. Not just because it is probably the closest thing to my own farm I’ll ever likely own, but because no matter how cluttered it gets, wooden toys never look ugly.



4 thoughts on “My Floor

  1. Your floor looks like a cozy spot to sit and play..I used to turn the entire sunroom into “train town” for Zach…there were farms, and houses..some buildings, all surrounded by hundreds of wooden tracks! Oh…how he loved to play in train town…I miss those, he wants to play in Wizard 101..Sigh…Hoping you are working on that yellow and gray beauty today!!!!! Hugs my friend:) XO


  2. I know, these days are passing and honestly I think they play with this stuff to humour me – Lego and electronic is much more their thing now … yellow and grey has halted due to fabric miscalculation *ahem* more on it’s way (this is costing more than I thought it would. Oh well)


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