Making Progress



At last I have made a little headway into the new throw for our bed that I had planned way back.

The hardest thing about this quilt top is taking the time to cut the squares out – but the rest is zipping along – I do love those quilt cheats that make everything look a whole lot more complicated than they really are…

More soon, I hope!



8 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. looking good mash’Allah….but I have a question…what tecnique do you use to put the quilt together? do you have a special sewing machine? I tried with my ordinary machine with the quilting attachment foot thingy and it was a disaster…the bottom fabric caught badly and I got fed up …any tips?


  2. I have an ordinary sewing machine, but it wasn’t a cheap one! So yes mine handles sewing thick fabrics and quilts very easily; I have used cheap models when I first started sewing – a thrifted 1950s one which could not handle anything thicker than doubled-over cotton (and I that almost put me off sewing for life), and a newer Toyota which was a million times better but still had issues with certain thicknesses. It might be your feed dogs aren’t doing what they are meant to do, but I would try adjusting the presser foot tension (if you can) or altering the stitch tension a bit. Hope that helps!


  3. Looking good Debbie!!! Love the yellow and grey combination! I am hoping to see a bit of yellow in the way of sunshine today, but so far, it is quite grey!!! In a reply to your friend, I had a singer when I first started out…I could piece my quilt tops with it, but could not quilt in on the machine! Just couldnt handle it!! But, you know…done in a few minutes every night, hand quilting can get it done!! Slow and steady wins the race:)


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