Out of Room


Don’t worry. This isn’t going to be another long diatribe about insanely small my house is, but just one small gasp of pure helplessness at how I literally have run out of space for books.

I am packed to the rafters. I am out of ideas. If you ever visit and it takes ten minutes to open the door, forgive me, but I am moving furniture to get to you, and you may have to sit on a pile of books instead of a chair if you even make it indoors.


Carry on.


6 thoughts on “Out of Room

  1. I’m resisting shelves – we do have loads and loads but if I start putting them all over the walls I’ll lose light. I think the time has come to cull the collection… it’s overwhelmingly big…


  2. I ve just done a book cull, it was nt as hard as I thought, I took them to a charity shop and gave some others to a friend who has just become a grandma, felt good to pass them on :)Where did you find that lovley crate (cardiff). ?


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