My Crazy Fabric Addiction

I am a bad, compulsory fabric buying lady. Thanks @sewmamasew !

Hate fabric? Pity.

I am still on a fabric high





I admit it; I’m insane. I pretend that I control the fabric, but I know it controls me. I say I’m making a mid-century quilt in a grown up palette of greys and mustards and muted solids with precise triangles, then I go and buy the craziest bright, floral-est fabric for a bright, insane acid throw with no idea how I’m going to stitch these colours together other than making it organically constructed with as few fussy lines as possible.

*Shrugs* is it a craft version of bipolar? I have no idea where these notions come from, but sometimes when they hit, they hit hard and I’m left scrabbling to keep up.

This latest, and admittedly LAST fabric splurge for the year (I’m sorry but the death of the pound sterling and insane US postal prices which have just doubled this past January have hammered the last nail in the coffin for international fabric buying for me), includes some amazing cotton lawn by Alexander Henry, Little Folks voile, Meadow Aroma, Heirloom, and Field Study. I am LOVING the cotton lawn, truly. I’ve always loved cotton lawn and how it immediately makes me think of Liberty prints. I love the feel of it and think it will make a nice airy throw for summer time. I might even go all-out crazy and use it as picnic blanket. Because I’m crazy like that. I can’t wait to get started on it.

And now I must source fabric from UK stockists at sensible prices. I’m down with thrifting vintage things but where do you get YOUR fabric from in the UK? I’m all ears….


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