The Obsession that Never Dies







Boys. Never did two boys love cars as much as these boys of mine. Obsessed does not come close. Monster trucks have been a constant and steady obsession for several years now. They want to be monster truck drivers, have their own team and compete in the Monster Jam world finals. When I broke the news that they were on the wrong continent, without batting an eye they told me they would miss me.

I’m just going with the flow; you can’t fight a tidal wave…


2 thoughts on “The Obsession that Never Dies

  1. Must come to Idaho where the monster trucks play. ; ) We have something called the “Mini Dome” at the university in Pocatello (where I use to live, and is now 40 minutes away). We lived at one time, for 15 years, about 1.5 blocks from the dome. It is a covered football stadium. THey fill it with dirt once a year and have monster truck activities. Your boys would be in heaven. Must come. ; ) Accommodations will be provided. So nice to catch up with your lovely family this morning. Always a bright spot in my day. ; )xxoo d


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