Working on something... Don't know when it will all be revealed...




Still under development ...

I am always shy to call anything I do ‘work’. Work is what real people do – nurses, firemen, office workers, teachers. They do real work and their work is compensated with a wage. Generally anything I do is hit and miss – it sometimes leads to a small income, but mostly it’s just a way to stop my brain melting and largely ignored.

So. I am currently ‘working’ on something which will remain behind the scenes for a long while if all goes well, and forever if it doesn’t! I may share snippets, and I may call it ‘work’. I always have a plan; if this ever gets near to becoming real you’ll be the first to know!



6 thoughts on “Work

  1. Do you not run yourself down! Those are lovely paintings. I tired spinning earlier this year- you should have sen the result, but there is enough “yarn” for me to attempt a little something. I so look forward to seeing your plan come to life!


  2. Thankyou! But I just know myself – full of good ideas and very little follow-through. I’m pulled in all directions and sometimes something gives. Keep up with the spinning! My first hank looked like a dead rodent, but it gets better 🙂


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