Little Rituals


Time to work







On some afternoons, usually Fridays, or whenever I can squirrel away a few minutes, I sit down at my desk to work (more on that as and when, if it comes to anything insha’allah). I admit that I am a bit of a restless worker. Sitting at desks does not come easily to me; my best ideas usually come when I’m in the middle of something else (which is why I have perpetual lists and notepads everywhere). But there comes a time when bums must be sat in a seat and concerted effort made to put one’s energies into the task at hand. And I’ve learned a little trick to get me in that zone – I have a ritual of sorts. I make the work pleasant by surrounding myself with pretty little things, sweet tea and a few nibbles, and I have everything at hand so I have no excuses to goto the kitchen for a cuppa.

I have noticed that whenever I place everything on the tray my mind suddenly starts to settle – it seems to let my chattering subconscious know it is now time to quieten down. It is a mindful ritual that prepares me for work. In fact, it is the only thing that has so far worked in getting me sat in a seat – to bring a survival kit of tea and nibbles, to shut the door, and to get on with it.

Who knew?


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