Things I’m Loving

Over in the sidebar I try to keep a list of links that I’m enjoying right now. I do try to keep it fresh, but why not do a blog post too once in a while to remind myself to freshen it up?

:: This particular idea from Red Ted Art caught my attention last week. I’m still obsessed with printing and stamp/block making and whilst the boys have had a go with the sharp-edged tools and made a couple stamps of their own, I’m thinking this version might be more entertaining for them. Perhaps instead of foam we could find some Styrofoam to use – then they could just draw straight on.

:: This new blog by an old Flickr friend. I’ve had the pleasure of viewing Lisa’s images for a long while now. They always manage to make zone out and exhale. I’m particularly loving her ‘inside/outside’ 365 challenge. But a whole blog? It’s been a long time coming. I have a feeling it’s going to be a favourite.

:: Small Measure. Just because.

:: This simple meal planner, because, so help me God, I will get better at this planning ahead gig.

:: And finally, for those of you who are already as bored by Valentine’s Day as I am – a real card for all y’all who perhaps have been married too long. I tolerate you.

You’re welcome.


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