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That's better #thanksdad
I’ve been getting slowly engrossed in print making as of late. In particular, I’ve found that wood cutting, over lino cutting, is more therapeutic than I could ever have dreamed of possible.

It’s a slow process (for me) – from idea on paper, to something I can scrape out of wood (or lino). Bearing in mind the colour inks I want to use, and how to bring a composition together, it takes a little brain power. I am sure, with time, sheer experience can take over and the process will be less brain intensive. I’m loving it, and I haven’t started printing with the blocks yet! Maybe I’ll always love the process more then the end product; and maybe with art that’s the way it’s supposed to be.


6 thoughts on “A Kind of Work

  1. I have a stash of cards by Mark Hearld (lino cut) I love this technique, but would’nt know where to start, have the patience or talent.I must send you something.amanda


  2. Hello, I started a little lino cut myself last week (a luna moth), its tricky and satisfying at the same time lol. And I agree “If I ever manage to print with it then I’ll count it as a success”. ;)Vxxx


  3. Hi Valerie – is that the luna moth from Geninne’s book? They are beautiful templates in there. I did a bird… still need to scrape some edges away, but I think I actually like the process of making the stamps more than the actual stamping!


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