Patience & Perseverance









It’s amazing what can be achieved with just a little bit of everyday perseverance and a stubborn disposition.

Stitch, stitch, click, click, over and over, every day, just keep going. And ta da! A blanket is born!

The last block rolled off the needles on Solstice day morning, and the rest of the day was spent sewing the blocks together into rows, and then sewing the rows together before weaving in loose ends. Blocking took one day and then the babes had a new blanket to snuggle under. They declare that this is the warmest blanket ever, and is their number one go-to – quite an achievement given that I only made this to get rid of all my scrap balls of yarn!

Prettier than I imagined it would be, warmer than I had expected it would be, and used more than I thought it would ever be, this blanket is really something for nothing. A bonus all round.

Details to follow on Ravelry at some point insha’allah.


8 thoughts on “Patience & Perseverance

  1. Love this. Love your blog, and your photos of things coming together in such warm and colorful ways. I was pointed in this direction by a friend, and I will definitely be back.-Sara


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