:: Weekending ::

A veryyy good start to my weekend. What are you up to?


5 thoughts on “:: Weekending ::

  1. Looking good Deb:) I am working..another 12 hr. shift in the am..its all good though..I love the girls I work with, and we always help each other out..that is what it is all about right?! Going to work on my quilt this week on my days off..I love what I am seeing here! That fabric is gorgeous!!!


  2. Hello there! This is my first visit and I am absolutely delighted to meet you! Your weekend certainly seems full of promise! Saturday was a sweet day here too with a lot of knitting and sewing and family time.Warmest wishes from France,StephanieI’m off to follow you if possible…


  3. Bonjour Stephanie! Nice to meet you, glad to have made a new friend :)M, I don’t know how you work so hard and still be a mom to that little guy, you must be superhuman. I think these fabrics will live on my shelves for a while until I can figure out what to do with them…


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