Digging out some old toys for some refreshed play in these winter afternoons. It won’t be long before I’m bundling these up for good to put in the attic; these used to be everyday staples – now they are a novelty for old-times sake.


6 thoughts on “Play

  1. Nice & cozy pictures! We also have wooden trains and railways at our home and I think it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made, the children love it {although it has been a little while they’ve come to play with it} and I love the creativity that sparkles when they invent a new railway! Wishing you a wonderful day with your loved ones!


  2. Zach used to LOVE his trains…Now, like your boys, play is becoming less…He loves his sports, music, video games..and…SURPRISE…his BOOKS!! Of course, the last love makes me the happiest..He just finished, “The Last Hero”..570 pages:) They are growing up!


  3. It does give a pang – I remember the last time I did this with my eldest two, although I dug it all out again for Nin and Ted. Now Nin is 9 and I know that there isn’t long before she will start to move on to other things. I think the hardest will be Anna. When she gets to the age when things are packed away, then I know that the next time they will be got out will be for (hoped for) grandchildren. I can feel my eyes well up thinking about it.


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