Crafting #EpicFail


Hm. I had this great idea – I would dabble in stencils and fabric and create a little Orla Kiely tribute love in my sitting room.

What can I say?


I have the patience of a demented toddler. I *could* have let it dry and reapplied the paint over and over until it was matt white. I could have done that. But no. Patience is for wimps. And saints. Possibly nuns, who can say. But not for Debbie. No. Debbie is above and beyond the laws of crafting physics and so, barely dry, the freezer paper came off and I was left with two cushions that looked like pre-schoolers had brought their gift for mummy home. I am left with a “oh my god, the kids got hold of the Tippex, and you’ll never GUESS what they’ve DONE – but on the upside, the doodle does look rather cool”.

Not the exact look I was going for. Obviously.




And so, we can only hope the children trash these cushions with the finesse and lard ass slouching that they are accustomed to. But given the law of Sod, I fully expect these to last in pristine condition for the rest of my life whilst the nice cushions I am trying to make last start to look like things you would remove from the basket of a flea-bitten dog.

Because that’s the way we like to roll. Preschool cushions – yeah!


8 thoughts on “Crafting #EpicFail

  1. You have a nice sense of humor, Debbie! Wishing you a most lovely day with your little ones, full of wonder and joy. And wanted to let you know I always enjoy reading your blog in the morning! ~x


  2. I love that my eye was searching that first photo. Is it under the pillows? Around the backside of the chair? Oh, the pillows! Perhaps a fail in your mind’s eye…but def not an epic fail. I’ve got plenty of those that are abhorrent. And those are def not that. Anyhow, cheers from a fellow impatient crafter. ๐Ÿ™‚


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