My Eldest Sews


After the initial success of the midget’s foray into cushion making and selling, the eldest decided he wanted to make bags to sell.

The first one he made I snapped up, not out of charity, but because I actually dig it. It’s small and funky, and appeals to the punk in me. Large enough to handle all the basics of keys, wallet, phone etc, and slings over the shoulder easily. A no fuss funky bag.







Since then he’s received one commission and would like you all to know he can make bags in ANY COLOUR and any size, and his mama sells them in her shop. He had thought these would make excellent nature bags for when you go on adventures – you can take books and notepads and magnifying glasses, and also have enough room to bring some treasures home. But since he’s seen me with mine, I think he’s realised bags are for everyone.

Oh my children. This first flutter of being out there in the world all by themselves has made me realise how much letting go I’ve got to do in these following years. And in so much as I’d like to protect them from everything, and insomuch as they make me proud, I can’t help but marvel at how painful this growing process is. Not for them, but me.

Having children, well, it’s like having your heart living outside of your own body, isn’t it?


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