{Mu’Mu} Handspun

I have one very impatient little boy waiting to put his cushion in the shop. I have another boy toying with the idea of making bags for the shop (can’t be outdone by his little brother, now!).

Meanwhile, I would rather like the chance to make things to put in this shop too, actually, thankyouverymuch! And maybe sometime this year I will! If I can untangle their suckered tentacles demanding my undivided, loving attention and get super duper organised then maybe it will happen.

I do, however, have two things ready … my first handspun for sale… bit nervous, as I’ve never sold my yarn before, but I do love it so.






Yes. Mustard and grey. It never gets old. Both hanks are 2-ply yarn approximately 100g each. The gold is merino and the grey is masham, which I just loved spinning. I will have to get more of that insha’allah. It has a nice ‘bounce’ to it.

Now if I could just make the things already cut and waiting for me to sew, I might be able to fill the shop and get the midget his audience…. woe betide me if I fail…


2 thoughts on “{Mu’Mu} Handspun

  1. Assalamu alaikum =)Mashaallah! You did an amazing job…they’re absolutely lovely. Ahhh…I hope I get to purchase them before someone else does! And it’s really cute too how your sons want to sell things in your little shop. May Allah bless and protect you and your family. Amin.


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