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I love peeking behind the scenes of peoples’ studios and work, don’t you? Often when I’m looking at pieces of art and craft it’s the tools or the process that fascinates me the most. It’s all part of parcel of the finished product, in a way.

I thought you might like a peek behind the scenes of some of my makes. These recent watercolours (which look more like ink, I do declare) were the fleshing out of some ideas I’ve had in my sketchbook, trying to see where this composition could lead. Of course, I had a companion by my side throughout it all, inventing and making something of his very own too…

What are you making these days?


25 thoughts on “Sketchbook Peeks

  1. They are so beautiful- love how the colours overlap! Well done for bravely commenting on Gaza situation, by the way. It’s infuriating how the world seems to turn a blind eye to these horrific war crimes.Cx


  2. Thankyou. We are so used to repeating the party line in these matters, but the truth is, land was stolen and war crimes are being committed. And no matter how long we stay silent on it, it is still the truth. Unfortunately….


  3. It is absorbing. I’m getting lost in things like ‘form’ and ‘colour’ which help to keep things in perspective. I’ve never kept an art journal before, so this is new to me, and I’m loving it πŸ™‚


  4. Jazakillah! Yes, I do have that book but haven’t really delved into it. I intend to use it with the boys to develop their work and give them some ideas. You might like ‘sketchbook challenge’ is that’s your thing.


  5. You are full of hidden talents!!! I love your prints!! So vibrant…I have not been creating much of anything lately..and I NEED too..Working alot..This morning I was in the OR scrubbed in for 2 c-sections..Exciting to be a witness to the greatest artist of all..


  6. Oh thank you for this peek – to me your leaves looked perfect and finished AT EVERY STAGE!And K’nex is cool too :-)Thank you too, wholeheartedly from prompting me to take more notice of, and educate myself about the situation in Israel. I am reeling still from what I’m learning. What can we (as individuals) do?Alison


  7. Thank you Alison! You know the situation seems so hopeless, and the problem so overwhelmingly huge it’s easy just to give up caring. One thing we can do is simply never stop telling the truth, never get tired of speaking out against injustice, to keep our hearts tender for those suffering and to pray for them if you do that. We can correct people when they spew propaganda. We can refuse to be lied to and to not be afraid of facts. We can also boycott Israeli products, o on organised demonstrations, write to our politicians and get involved in online activism too. But mostly, just never accept a justification or injustice. Xx


  8. really beautiful! the shot of the golden leaves with the sunlight sprinkled across them makes them almost catch fire! I especially love the little seed pods/flower heads at the beginning – lovely – you have such talent.


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