Resurrecting Mu’Mu



Getting stripey

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I had a blog and shop by the name Mu’Mu. The shop was inspired by my boys in so many ways (hence the name, if you know us you could figure it out), but I left sewing for a while and never really got back into it. There just seemed to be bigger things to spend my energies on.

Eventually I invented Vintagalia, which was supposed to be a place I was going to sell thrifted treasures and things made from old, reclaimed, vintage goodies. But it fell apart mainly because I tended to keep everything I thrifted and was too greedy to part with it… but I have good intentions of eventually sharing some of that kick ass pyrex I’ve accumulated over the years. I just don’t know when… hm…

But this past week, after seeing the midget get fired up over sewing and making and (hopefully, please Lord!) selling, I have decided to resurrect Mu’Mu – as a place he can use to sell his little makes, and after catching the making bug off him, things I hope to make too.

I don’t intend to keep the shop stocked constantly, but whenever we have a flurry of activity I will place one-offs in there to grab while they’re there. I like the idea of one-offs. Easy going and no pressure. Just enough to keep us happily making.

So, yeah. Mu’Mu is back. It feels good.


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