Mummy, I want to make a Cushion


“Mummy, I want to MAKE something”, said the midget after finding me fiddling with my sewing machine and brushing him off with ‘in a minute’s. “Mummy… I want to sew a cushion… can you turn my sewing machine on for me?”.

And so I did. I set the machine up, and left him to get on with it.

And after several trips to fix various problems, rethread needles, untangle bobbins, and help cut the right shapes, I decided just to hang around and help him out unconditionally. Mama sewing – well, that’s what bedtimes are for, right?

He sewed a cushion. Then he wanted to sew a cushion cover “with buttons, Mummy”.











And that is exactly what he did.

But unwilling to stop making, an idea came to him … “I’m going to make more cushions and sell them. Will you help me sell them, Mummy?”

And so two more cushions and cushion covers later…





Ready to put online at some point.

He already impressed an aunty who has commissioned him to make her a cushion for her sitting room (how to make a seven year old stand three feet taller…), and if that wasn’t enough? Behold ::


He is seeking more inspiration for other things he can make and sell…

Oh this boy of mine…


10 thoughts on “Mummy, I want to make a Cushion

  1. Wow! Impressive:)One of those things, that makes you go, “I am glad I let him do that!”…I LOVE his sweater..You made it, didn’t you???? πŸ™‚ You are so talented! Its lookin’ like the apple didnt fall far from the tree!


  2. Yes, the insane stripey sweater that ‘makes me look I’ve broken out of jail, mummy – I LOVE IT’ was made by me. A friend told him ‘you are your mother’s son’ to which he replied, ‘well, yeahhhhh’ πŸ˜‰ I hope some of my appleness doesnt get taken up by him πŸ˜‰


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