I’ve Been Ill

And when I say ‘ill’ I mean with a capital ‘i’… like ‘ILL’. I was fortunate to have picked up flu, real flu, not man-flu, not cold-call-it-flu-to-get-a-reaction flu. FLU. ‘I’ for ‘ILL WITH INFLUENZA’.

So this past Eid was spent aching, shivering, sweating, hurting, unable to move or feeling as though I’d run a marathon if I did, and seeing the house go from ‘small but homely’ into ‘Holy Mother of God, someone has broken into my house and committed aggravated burglary, found nothing and then trashed the house in anger’. Which is always a good look, right?

Now we, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘I and my minions who I’m ordering around on pain of death’ are trying put back the horse which bolted and clean the house. Leaves little time for crafting, or indeed anything except feeling sorry for oneself actually.

Laundry, which was once ridiculous anyway, is now insane fo’ REAL. Carpets have been de-crunched, bedsheets changed, surfaces dusted and I’m craving creamy rice pudding as the evenings close in. And I’ve got my grump on. Thank the Lord for boilers, is all I can say. At least we are snuggly alhamdulillah.

Not to be a damp squid I do have a few images to share, not great, but you get the idea…





Before illness did striketh us low I had been getting steadily engrossed in carving and stamping and printing and all things lino. It’s very absorbing, and a source of creative adventure. Books have been bought. I know. Because we don’t have enough. It’s another craft that has invaded my dreams and I wake up with more things I want to carve into lino.

So, that’s what I’m doing – slowly learning more about this amazing medium and applying things slowly slowly.

And maybe if I can get on top of everything again and start keeping all those balls in the air that us mamas do without realising it, I may find time to do some more…


7 thoughts on “I’ve Been Ill

  1. Hmm school seems to put loads of us off crafts – tell me why it’s a good thing?? ;-)Thankyou for lino love. It’s such fun. And the process is soothingly slow.No not nice. Am taking it easy – because my body is refusing to play if I don’t :z


  2. so sorry to hear you’ve been dog-sick… that can make you feel ‘behind’ for weeks and weeks…. just the idea of it makes me sick! blah! i love what you are creating and hope you can get back to it! i’d love to some of this with my kids – they would love it!


  3. Zach would love it too!! You are SOOOOOO CREATIVE!!! Hope the flu bug has packed its bags and left your happy home!!! I dread sickness…Just the thought of how shitty you must feel makes me sad!!!


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