How These New Spaces Work…

Forgive me while I stop a while to dwell on the new changes in our old space. It’s pretty much all I’ve worked on all last week, and it has made such a difference to our homeschooling and creative life.









I broke the room up into various ‘areas’ – maths, science, art, writing, the main work table, and a new space which I hope to talk about tomorrow. Everything was given its own space – a place to live and breathe. Having two bigger boys now means they need a lot more sit down space away from each others elbows. By spreading areas over the room they find a niche that suits their mood and they get a chance to work on something without the constant need to clear away for another task.







I also labelled. Everything. The eldest declares he likes this very much. Everything is clear to him. I like it too. It seems to clear my head a bit seeing everything ordered like this. Who knew.

This writing station was made to encourage creative writing – coloured paper, stamps, fancy pens, oh and two vintage typewriters. Of course. Because when you have a mama who has a thrifting compulsion to bring every old typewriter home with her you may as well make use of a couple of them…. (I have four in case you are wondering. We’ve established I’m insane.) There is also a letter writing station in there somewhere – full of everything they need to stay in touch.




The library got an overhaul – things were juggled around and the shelves labelled for easy identification and easier PUTTING BOOKS AWAY (she says, not at all hopefully). It has been a loooong time since a simple ‘fiction/non-fiction’ worked for us. There are more books around the corners of those other shelves too…







And the science station, filled with our rocks and minerals (and fossils!), binoculars, microscope, magnifying glasses, bug viewers, nets and books, as well as a plethora of science kits and telescope – all are now labelled and within easy reach.

It’s one vision I thought I’d never be able to materialise. Alhamdulillah. Having such an ordered open space, with spaces that work for us – at last – has made a huge difference.

And tomorrow I’ll show you the final area insha’allah … my personal favourite!


13 thoughts on “How These New Spaces Work…

  1. Assalamu alayki sister, can my kids come to your school?! lolLooks so exciting mashaAllah. It must be exciting home schooling. I home school three evenings a week with mine the subjects we want to teach them and reinforce what they are doing at school, we have a good time but I have never did it full time myself. I did suggest it once to them if they’d like it and they all screamed ‘NO!’.


  2. Thankyou Tracy… will come here and tell them that – they are fighting and sulking and blaming it on me!Yes, it does look rather schoolroom-ish. I don’t mind – it’s where we work, after all! It’s not exciting homeschooling. It can be flat out mundane, tiring and stressful. I once suggested they should goto school and they screamed NO! … ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. it never fails to surprise me how my kids will use a tidied up and cleanly organized area much more than a messy one. i guess it’s true for me too, i’m more inspired in the sewing room, when it’s all tidy! well done!


  4. I absolutely love it, marshAllah, you have so many things which i would love to have here for D and me. May I suggest that you should have another declutter and have a huge house sale and i can come and buy all your things?! Imagine how much more space you would have!! xx


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