Sometimes, you can get so used to something you can no longer see it; you can no longer see its limitations nor its potential.

Sometimes, to get over that hump a new perspective is needed. Or indeed, a kick up the bum.




This space of ours had been languishing for a long, long while. I don’t know why, really, but no matter what I did the space never seemed to work. The room is too hot in summer and too cold in winter and organisation wasn’t really on top form.

Then a few weeks ago my husband and I had a discussion *ahem* about the state of the place and why were we keeping a whole lot of furniture we were not using when it meant a waste of space, a cluttered home and a whole lot of death-trap, toe-stubbers all over the place. I may have helpfully *ahem* decided to throw the table manually out the back door (where it didn’t fit), and in a fit of pique, plonked the table down beside the chalkboard only to find that the new place was perfect.

Suddenly we were using this space again, and so inspired to make a fresh start, fueled by the fact that the mini-man no longer needed a whole lot of the pre-school things that had been kept out and used with him, the whole house got a well-deserved decluttering spring-like clean.

It meant letting go. Letting go of some things I had been holding onto, some ideas I was trying to keep afloat. It meant letting go of memory keep-sakes and furniture. It meant stripping back what was so I could see what will be. And it felt liberating; I had been holding onto things quite unaware that in fact it was they that were holding onto me. Letting go meant growing, and the change was good.








Inspired greatly by Mariah Bruehl over on Playful Learning, and Meg over Sew Liberated I finally saw a new vision of how I wanted the room to look and work for us. And with a trip to the thrift store (naturally) for some new work surfaces and eBay for some storage solutions I set to work armed with binliners and boxes to remove things no longer working and replacing with areas that insha’allah will.

We will see where this takes us, but I hope whenever change is necessary I will have the wisdom and good grace to see it coming and to act accordingly.


5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I love it Debbie! 🙂 Your spaces look fantastic!We are moving (if our house sells!) and I am so looking forward to creating new spaces in our new home. We’ll be downsizing a lot and I am very up for the challenge! 🙂 xx


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